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Nordic Walking and Horse Assisted Education Workshop 2


First, we went Nordic Walking.  Nature and bird sounds were particulary great. Then Horse Assisted Education contiuned. 

We experienced the "Face to face" exercise with a horse trying to see how close the horse allows us to come and be in contact. People observe the horses reactions and their own emotions, thoughts, reactions while doing this exercise.

Then, in Exercise 2., we chose the important, personal learning Goal and we thought which "little goals"(milestones) we need to achieve on the way to the main Goal. During the exercis we tried to visualize our own milestones and went along the milestones route to the main goal the with horses. Then our reflexions and impressions were graphically written in the mind-maps.




III turnus PÓŁKOLONII KONNEJ - 10 - 14 lipca 2017 r.



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